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she started it!
14th June '06

yesterday we went to inez's house to chill out cuz it was her birthday.actually it wasnt yesterday.but it was the only day everyone was present.so yeah.at first when we entered and signed in our names, we finished and remembered that we had to fill in our messages in her card. so we did it using the wall as the table.so the bloody security guard asked us to go in and use the table and stuff.so we did.and yeah it was totally scary cuz it was so small and the guy was so freaky.and there were three of em.all of them are practically over-friendly. anyways then we went inot her room and made chelsea stall her while we hid her presents in different places of her room-giving the excuse that we had to change into our shorts. then inez was a lil curious but being the person she is,she didn't suspect anything.then we went bowling.and it was so fun cuz everyone didnt care bout their turns and instaed we were running along the sides of the bowling lanes and stuff. and we were fighting over the 'balls'.and we took pics too.then after that we went swimming which was also not too bad cuz we had each other's company.and the slide was totally ah-mazingly cool.next came the steam room.initially there were the 5ive of us. slowly as time passed,only sya,inez and i were left behind.once in awhile chels would come and try to entertain us.and sometimes lene would also come and disturb us too.and then aft that we started the bbq.firstly,we were so freakkin exhausted from sitting there(steam room)perspiring. and now,we had to do the bloody bbq.actually we wanted to do it ourselves at first.which we did..but after awhile inez's maid did it for us.aft dinner, lene and chels went back while sya inez and i were left behind.yeah we sat and talked for awhile, eating nutella covered marshmallows and roasted mrashmallows. and then we went into the pool.it was so fun.the whole entire plave was dark and the only source of light was from the bulbs in the pools.anyways after inez's mom called us like 5 times,we went and showered.and then sya laft cuz she couldn't sleepover.and so inez and i were left. so we talked and then i decided that we should do pedicures.so she opened her drawer to take out her nail file.and then she saw a colourful wrapping paper and a few secs laterr she read my smile.we seperated her present and distributed them all over the room to create a bit of anxiety IF she found one. she immediately raided her room and climed on the table,bed everywhere to search for the presents.she found them all in the end and we totaally had fun.if only the rest of them were with us.but thank god at least i was there to witness it.it was hilarious.anyways later we talked to herlene and she very smartly asked if inez had found the card yet.so inez began searching for the card frantically.and finally she found it under her science book.she loved it-thank god! it was different i must say.yeah and she was so pleased with her presents.then we watched transamerica. it was nice.as in the stroyline was good,just that there was practically no ending.which was sad cuz it was a good movie.and then we ran into her room cuz i was like 2+ and we wanted to make sure we were asleep before 3am(if you know why).and so we were like ok if one of us doesnt sleep by three,we wake up the other person. but in the end i thin kwe both managed to fall asleep.and today we went to the gym in the mornin and got chased out cuz i didnt wear proper shoes.wtf.anyways so we went swimming.but it wasnt as fun as how it was yesterday.so we played treasure hunt with stones.and yeah we went home showered,and then blasted music and had lunch.next we tried watching bring it on.but the cd was cracked so we watched scary movie 4 instead.omg i thought it'd be scary but it wasnt at all.and inez slept for awhile during the movie.then after that we watched hide and seek cuz i was in the mood for a thriller. the movie wasn't really scary but it was a bit thrilling.dakota fanning is really a brilliant actress.oh yeah i slept for awhile during the movie until inez woke we up.then when i was awake,inez fell asleep so i decided to finish the movie anyways.but in the end, we both fell asleep. hah.its quite stupid but it was fun.so now im gon sleep cuz i have a bad headache and im tired.love!

The sun; the sand; and the sea.
6th June '06

friday herlene,inez,sya,nic and I went blading at east coast.it was quite fun i must say cept for the part where we had to pull herlene along the way cuz she can't blade.she fell on her ass like 5 times and we practically dragged her along.then half way we or maybe i should say

Party now,study laterr.
1st June '06

thank god the holidays are finally here.couldn't wait any longer for this.aite first on monday we lene,inez and i went to the library to borrow books but when i realised that the books i wanted couldn't be found there,we went to bugis.was aite.abd we made inez skip her tuition.poor darling. anywyas we sat and talked.then came tuesday.lene and i went to inez's place to do our math project.and her house is brilliant.its like a jungle.damn that bitch.but anyways we ended up playin a fool.so the whole math project thing was screwed up.that was the best day we ever had. and then there was wednesday.we went to orchard for the so called 'Great Singapore Sale' Puh-lease how pathetic the sales are.Wtf anyways either way i spent alot of money.which makes me feel really bad.cuz i didnt even buy much abd i dont even know where the money went. omg inez barely spent anything.oh yeah we alos bought our father's day presents.which was all casual shirts.lene bought her dad this thin materialled jungle shirt.inez bought her dad this really nice lined shirt.which i actually wanted but didnt have any size.hah. and i bought my daddy a desert print shirt.isnt that fantastic but he needs a change in clothes.btw,the lady in Wh was so nice.she helped me find the shirt.even when i didnt lioke one shirt she helped me look for another one.she was prolly the best salesgurl ive ever met. and today,thursday were not doing anything for the first time this week.we've been going out every single day.anyways staying home,chilling at someone's place totally beats going to orchard.love!

Butterflies flutter.
26th May '06

omg this whole week i had drama three times!imma die of exhaustion.actually today was so fantastic.being the last day of school,everyone was extra hyper. everyone was jumping here and there.screaming.and also, we had our class party.i must say,it wasn't exciting.but what the hell.after that was the damn 'operation clean-up'.and everyone was scrubbing the walls,vandalized tables.heh.and everywhere else.then the dance that we had practised for so hard,finally was performed after everyone completed the cleanin.it was so fun. initially i was totally scared.but then i realised.wtf.its a damn class party.have fun damn it! so yeah while we were dancing,people were throwing comments at us. and all of us were giggling and dancing and it was so fun.it didnt really matter whether we did the steps right or whatever.it was great.and then everyone was like saying their goodbyes and we went for drama. and we were butterflies! isn't that just wonderful?! everything we played as butterflies out there was impromptu.however you spell that.and Ms Suneeta loved it.thank goodness.perfect ending to a not-so-perfect term.love!

And i had a bad day.
19th May '06

today we practiced the 'beep' dance during recess and most of us couldn't take it on.but we really tried.somehow i hope were able to postpone the class party to the last day of school hols or something. cuz we havent finished the dance and also,i think the class will prolly forget bout the party.monday blues.anyways i just pray that the dancers will practise at home and pull off the danc way better than the dance club. not that they suck or anything.and i had drama today and i got 2nd in the whole class! how cool is that!??! yeah anyways we had the interact camp aft that.we had to join in wit the other grps but i just didnt feel welcome.i mean my friends were there and everything but..whatever.cuz in the morn they were all "omg i wanna pon the stupid camp.its gonna be so damn boring.can we not go?" then suddenly during the game they were all hyped up and were so damn enthu bout the whole amazing race.i mean yeah its exciting but what the hell.your going against your own words-ironic.anyways whatever i still love them to death. then aft that during the eating break the assholes of friends i have un-hooked my bra! it was so freakin embarrassing! and i was wearin the bloody pe t-shirt so my unhooked bra could be seen unhooked.wtf. but i managed to put it back.then before goin home,inez and lene were waiting for their parents too so we decided to play catching which didnt work.then as my father drove into the foyer driveway, i pulled herlene's pants down and she was shrieking and wiggling.it was so funny.then ppor inez was left all alone for herlene's revenge.cuz my dad was there so i had to go.sorry gurlfriend.dont worry we'll get back at that skinny bitch together! (no offence lene.)had a bad day overall.

Maybe she's born with it.Maybe, it's Maybelline.

Drama Electives' First Performance, and i screwed up.
18th May '06

omg i screwed up the whole play! in the beginning i knew i was gonna freak out before showtime.so i didnt talk to anyone bout 15 mins before acting.i was so scared, my stomach had butterflies (more like crocodiles) and i just couldnt take it. my fear had gotten the better of me and i just began tearing.honestly, it was so embarrasing but im so glad deb.q came and gave me her shoulder.but i really dunno what i'd have done without dharshini and deb. but the rest also tried consoling me,trynna help me get over my tears but i just wept.anyways i screwed up the whole damn thing cuz my hair was blocking my face so they audience couldn't see my medusa's angry face. but deep inside i was so freakin scared i felt i was crying.dunno if i actually did during the play or not,but i could feel it.and when medusa died and lay on the floor,i was breathing so hard i could fell my body moving up and down.just hope the audience didnt realise. then aft that when the audience left,and during the period when we'd gotten back our results,i also cried.i dunno why but i could feel it was the fear that i'd just overcome and its lil scare-devils were still lingering in my body.i really tried to stop. and everyone tried to console me by telling me "its all right.you did great out there,".i greatly appreciate all the nice thoughts and comments.and their hugs too.thanks so much and love them for caring.but it really made me wanna cry even more.even when i wiped off my tears, the water didnt just run from my eyes like from a running tap.when i wiped a tear off,another one would slowly accumulate and i'd tear more and more.it was terrible.but it was very comforting to have ms izrina and mdm amizah say that my movements were good and that i did well. made me feel better but just as i thought that i was gonna stop weeping,tears began to drop again and it was too embarrassing so i just HAD to run to the toilet.yeah thats the story of my stage fright.and also aft school, sya and inez came over to my place and we had a great time. not gonna elaborate on that.then i realised that i've cried alot today and ill prolly cry myself to sleep too.hugs.

Maybe she's born with it.Maybe, it's Maybelline.

The trauma.
17th May '06

the whole of 2e5 watched the abortion video during science and i wanted to barf.firstly it was so bloody and gory.i mean i'd rather watch videos on sex rather than that! it was so traumatizing.i cant even describe it here.but it was so sad when they took the baby out of the mom.it just fell out like a slob.and it was lik 3/4 months already so its head and everything was formed.just that it didnt have skin colour or anything like that. i cried.i mean its so sad to kiil someone like that.obviously i dont know exactly what im gon do when i grow older but i really really hope i never need the option of abortion.its was sick.when i was eating my sandwich,i thought bout it and i didnt have any appetite anymore. even noe i feel nauseous.but being the greedy airpork that i am,i still ate it up.but its not only cuz im fat and greedy,its also cuz im grateful for the food i have.cuz the people in africa dont have food.wish we could help them. but anyways,back to abortion.they also had this whole like bowl thingy where there were so many mini baby hands and feet! i wanted to barf again.i never wanna do biology.whatever.anyways i gotta take my mind off this topic. and i suddenly like reading books.interesting books.cuz the boring ones really put me to sleep.anyways gtg.wish me luck for my drama play tmr! im so freaked out.

Maybe she's born with it.Maybe, it's Maybelline.

My lost asset.Can't shake it no more.
16th May '06

oh my god.im so freakin tired.i can die of exhaustion.im totally pissed off cuz firstly, i suck at math.second thing that ticked me off was that i cant shake my ass anymore! it was like my one and only asset and apparently i lost it.obviously everyone says that i can still shake like how i used to,but i cant feel it.my ass just aint shakin no more. im so upset.plus i wasnt paying attention durin assembly and i ddint hear that we had to meet durin recess for drama rehearsals.then i ddint go, and now my group has to go for drama aft school.feel like an asshole.the cause of everyones trouble. whatever. anyways after drama,i goin home to sleep.then study.dont believe im actually saying this.hah.wtf.anyways gtg before everyone dies seeing my sulky face and experiencing my cranky raging temper.

Maybe she's born with it.Maybe, it's Maybelline.

It kills me inside.
8th May '06

Omg so in love with rihanna's unfaithful.you gotta listen to it alot of times then you'll understand why.anyways life sucks.im too stressed out.but im not even doing any work. or studying.its just the peer pressure cuz everyones studying and im not.so yeah whatev.anyways.ill just keep listenin to my favourite music and just laze.love!

Maybe she's born with it.Maybe, it's Maybelline.

Shall we dance Mr.Clark?
1st May '06

oh my god.i watched shall we dance and i love it.thats like a bloody fantastic movie.for the first time in my entire life i love ballroom dancing. honestly i thought at first that ballroom dancin sucked cuz all they did was spin around the dance floore in circles.but its so fantastic.and jlo's so beautiful. well last night,jovi told be pcd had a new video so i just watched it.it nice and all but its not that fantastic.cuz when i compare it to the first time i saw their other video beep, this video is only okay.but its still hot and stuff which i still love.and its so damn unfair that nicole's boobs are so big yet she so freakin skinny all over.uh.love her body.

Maybe she's born with it.Maybe, it's Maybelline.

Cant take it no more
26rd April '06

What passing bells-for those who die as cattle? Only the monstrous anger of the guns.Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle,can patter out the hasty orisons.No mockeries now for them,nor prayers,nor bells.Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs. The shrill demeted choirs of wailing shells.And bugles calling out for them from sad shires.What candles may be held to speed them all.Not in the hands of boys,but in their eyes.Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall.Their flowers,the tenderness of patient minds. And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds. that was my poem for lit.I sucked like shit.Prolly gon fail this term for total average.anyways whatever.i just wanna comit suicide.but if i do,it wont be fair to my family.whose raised me all these years.and how do i pay them back? with my dead body? but even if i plan on commiting suicide,i got alot of things i wanna do before i die.so yeah.for the first time in the history if trishna's blog i have written a sadistic entry.

Maybe she's born with it.Maybe, it's Maybelline.

Cant take it no more
26rd April '06

okay nothin special anymore.and i havent blogged for a long long time.anyways there are like SO many CAs which have so much of weightage and its pissing me off!! i dunno how poeple get through school life.i totally felt like dying.was terrible.and your there staring at everyone,not studying cuz your too tired.and there they are asking qns about how they dont understand this and that and here i am not wanting to give a shit bout studying.its so pressuring to see your friends studying when you dont want to.whatever.my minds like pinks video 'stupid girls'.the lil gurl has two minds.one says just give up,drop outta school and try killing yourself. the next mind says that i should work harder and just keep trying.the choice may seem obvious to you,but its so different from my point of view.as it is,ive ALMOST failed my geography!!! what the hell.this stupid bitch (myself) just had to be absent from school on the day of the geog ca that could have pulled up her avreage percentage!! i feel so pathetic.like such a loser.dunno how to tell me parents.they'll just scream at me.but what the hell sabrina (geog teacher) said that most of us did well for the online ca.and everybody sucked! whats her problem?! whatever i officially DISLIKE geography (i try to refrain from saying hate:D ) just wich ms rosalie came back to teach us.oh yeah im going for her wedding!! its totally exciting to go for a teachers wedding!! love her card it smells just so wonderful.depressed.

Maybe she's born with it.Maybe, it's Maybelline.

Injustice in my sleep.
23rd April '06

geez.just woke up.and i had like a totally sucky nightmare.it wasnt scary or anything.but it sucked.here goes.apparently i was at some pasa-malam (place where people bargain for the items they wanna purchase) and my mom and dad were there.so i liked two things.one was a pair of hot pink wedges.and they were like the rough ropy material and details and stuff.and if im not wrong they bought me a pair of earrings too. just cant remmeber what type they were.anyways aft that i suddenly appeared in school.(you know,like all of a sudden in a dream,you change clothes,places everything.and it seems like there's nothin wrong)well yeah.exactly what happened. and i also had the stuff i bought with me.oh wait btw,serinder, shoba and masyi were sitting together in a row right next to me.so during class,(Ms Lee's Legacy or History lesson)i decided to try on the shoes.they were like a few cm big but i still loved them.i took one off,but the other was still on when ms lee came up to me and said something like "trishna pay attention!" then she confiscated my single shoe and i just leaned back,and stared at her.totally pissed. and then suddenly next to me,serinder masyi and shoba began eating.like holding out packets of fishballs + soupy things and bread and stuff like that.so i was reallly agitated and so i complained to the teacher that they were eating in class. bu she just asked me to go back to my seat and didnt do anything bout it!! i was FURIOUS.i mean,all I did was try on my new pair of shoes.which is perfectly fine.but they freakin ATE IN CLASS.which is a bigger offence???!?!? duh eating in class! and they just continued eating.and i was still so pissed off.so i just told ms lee off. and then i woke up :D yuck.

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Some poeple don't like it cuz you hang out in the streets.But you my boyfriend you always been there for me.
22nd April '06

Aite its been ages since ive updated.but whatever.anways this morn we had the Gavel Club Toastmasters meeting.Some poeple from this club just came from many toastmaster clubs of spore. and they held a session where we had to do on-the-spot table topics.many of them were aite but some were much better.shoba wasnt good at the first part of her speech but she was really good at the end.then rest was aite i guess. and deb was hilarious.he blurted out "if my best friend told me that she liked our science teacher, i'd just say get a life!" haha.its was retarded.yeah aft the meeting nikki,deb, vic and i went to caltex to eat. and we talked bout random things and had a lyric game.which i sucked at.yeah and vic just kept goin on on how i should change my email address to airporkdensity@hotmail.com. omg vic,get a life! i am SO not dense. oh yeah great news!!! CIARA's new video is out gurlfriends!!! she looks totally fantastic.she's kinda lost some weight.look like.i mean i see her pictures everyday duh i;d notice a diff.so yeah gttg and prep for lit ca.mwah. wait the video is beneath this post! check on it.

Maybe she's born with it.Maybe, it's Maybelline.

Adventurer in the rainforest.Get a life.
13th April '06

Today we went to the botanical gardens to observe nature to sketch for art and for geog too.deb insists that the trip was fantastic but i dont think so.it was totally horrifying. it was freakkin rainin for goodness sake and yet they still made us walk into the RAINFOREST.i mean i love nature and all that,but the insect and wet stuff just aint my thing. like it wasn't like nice rain wet.the floor was damp,and there were ants and things crawling my calves.and just the thought of the stupid freaks killed me softly.whatever.durin recess,my NYC trainin group sold things to raise funds for the Cannossaville Childrens' Home.we sold chips+salsa,cocktaildogs+pineapples,lemonade,sparklin lemonade and bears.but we could only sell em durin recess. wasnt too bad i guess.anyways i screwed up the math spring test aft that and then came drama.we obviously couldn;t run away from the exercise but it somehow didnt hurt that muich like how everyone was complainin.its either they're exaggeratin or im not doin it right.maybe a bit o both.yeah well thats it.oh yeah wish me luck for my literature ca on monday!

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This close to being suspended.
11th April '06

Woah.haven't updated this thing for a long time.oh yeah btw,i cut my nails.ew.they look disgusting.and i did it JUST to play guitar. how stupid is that.actually it aint that dumb.i mean, nails can grow.but its my only chance to learn to play the guitar-and something else. hah.anyways omg i had one of the worst days of my entire life.ok fistly,i dont wanna say this on my blog.but if y'all know me well,you should know what happened during mother tongue.anyway whatever. oh yeah to those who know,its official.anyways "after that,i was on my way back,and i needed to go to the toilet to change my pad.so i went into the one nearest to 2e5 and saw cheryl,deb and rachel inside. i went in to change my pad and came back out while cheryl apparently had a stomach ache so went in too.during this period of time,i was washing my hands and rachel and deb were waiting for cheryl. so we just talked for about 5-10 mins.unaware of the time,we walked into class.and Mdm Maggie Goh asked us to stand in front of the class.cuz apparently,we were late and disrupted her lesson. anyway we panicked when she said she wanted us to see MDM LENNY.omg i almost had a heartattack.i mean seeing mdm lenny is like reacalling a nightmare.no offence to her or anything but she's looks so fierce and scary. anyway we also had to write down what exactly we were doing.and we did and passed it to mdm goh.then she wanted us to see mdm lenny during the next period so we looked for her but thank god we couldnt find her. so we told ms nur about what happened and she told us that she would speak to mdm lenny first and ask her if WE had to see her or not.but sadly we did.and she stood there in front of us,with her eyes glaring at us.i was so scared. then we gave her our whole story and she asked us to write in our reflections by 2:00pm.then when we gave them in,she said they weren;t genuine enough.so we should have another punishment. we were like okay..and we went home.i really had a screwed up day today.hope it gets better tmr.

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Life's still a bitch.
8th April '06

Hope y'all like my blog.new skin.vic said the previous one sucked.so i changed it.anyways if you're wondering why herlene and vic's names are in bold under my links,i dunno.its just like that.i tried changing it.but just cant.

Maybe she's born with it.Maybe, it's Maybelline.

TKGS Indian All Arts Festival
8th April '06

Firstly all the dancers were psyched cuz the dance was at like 11.most of us,except for dharsh and priya who had more imp jobs,were ushers. so anyways aft runnign around making sure everything went aite,we were exhausted so shaaleni,sya,shoba,nikki and i went into the studdio.and we rested for awhile until dharsh came. then we practised the dance one or twice when renuka and nasreen came.yeah and aft which we did our makeup.it was really sad that brammi didnt come.anyways we were actually late for the performance so we ran all the way there.and immediately danced.omg the crowd was so freakin scary i wanted to puke.it went out aite at first but when it came to the jump and fall i used the wrong leg.but thankfully no one actially noticed. dharsh thought that she screwed up cuz she forgot her steps.but she wa sin the middle,doing different steps and it looked fine cuz she was in the middle.anyways when it came to the starting of deeder de,we couldn't hear the music so we ddint know when to move so we just stayed there and continued the dance.anyway everything went aite aft that then aft the dance,shivani saw a pool of blood on the floor ans she was like "yuck! there's blood here.its disgusting" "so i was like its prolly someone elses.just leave it" then a few seconds later,syaheerah came in and said shivani was bleeding.and it was SO bad.that there were traces of blood everywhere.looked like someone was murdered. anyways dharsh was really really upset so she asked us to take part in the collaboration.then aft the whole thing,priya lost her camera. ppl kept asking where she left it.i mean that's the stupidesst qn anyone could ever ask if you lose something.i mean,if you lost something you wouldnt know where you left it or else you would have found it by now. she too was totally upset.poorthing.we all really looked everywhere that she would have possibly gone to but it was officially missing.really hope she finds it though. then at 4.30 deb,nikki and i met at kembangan mrt station.and waited for shoba who is always late as usual.so we bought food and took pics.and talked. then us foursome took the train all the way to ang mo kio.on the way, taking alot of pics.they weren't too bad. :) then we walked to the interchange and went for the show.which was situated right smack in the middle of a community market place. it was not dirty or anything.anyway the play was in chinese so many of us couldnt understand anything,but it was drama so from their movements,we got the picture.the interview with the actors and actresses wasn't the most interesting part cuz firstly,we were all exhausted being 11 at night.and iwas falling asleep.being in school all day.so yeah on the way home in the train,we took pics again but mainly we were all VERY tired.so deb's moom dropped me home from the station and i fell asleep. and for the first time on the history of trishna's life,i woke up at 11.30am.at i slept at 12am.woah.coolness.

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The babe.
22nd November

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